A bitch to the world…

Our planet is dying, who cares what all the scientists say, you have eyes, look around! Dying forests, dying animals, dysfunctional politics, dead people. The world is not about you; it’s not about us, it’s not about anything. Wake up, people! Your just a bunch of barely held together atoms, organised by chance into something, we call life. Life is amazing; it is everything, we are so ridiculously lucky to merely exist, and yet we do nothing, we sit here and watch youtube, look at role models who only model selfishness and materialism, we float through life; wake up!

Don’t commit yourself to the thoughts that we are doomed, even if we are, who fucken cares. Do you want to die knowing you did nothing or do you want to die knowing you tried to change something and failed? The problem with humanity is we don’t realise our own power, when we are united we can solve everything, this attitude we have stops us from changing things, it causes depression. As much as you’d like to believe; we don’t have a purpose, we are just randomness organised into a living, breathing being with the collective power of gods. When you die you fade away and disappear, everything stops, you are no more. So do something with the little time you have! Spread a message, make a difference, help somebody, help an animal, once a critical mass of humans willing to do something is achieved it’s like a snowball rolling down a hill. We gain momentum and turn into a massive freight train capable of knocking down societies barriers, razing governments to the ground.

We, the commoners are 90% of the population, the people that control us are 10%, we outnumber them 10 to 1. Politicians are corrupt, driven by money hungry corporations, they don’t care about you, or the country, only money. We can change this, all we have to decide is to make a difference. Your life is gonna end; no matter what you do, don’t let that stop you. Your kids are going to suffer, your grandkids are going to live dead because of you, you’re a selfish pussy. Get a grip, who fucking cares about those social media “influencers”, who cares about what people think about you, or what clothes you wear. Nothing matters in the end. Drag yourself out of this pit, you love that little dopamine hit you get for each like on social media, don’t you? Great, cause it doesn’t achieve anything it’s just another drug, fuck drugs we live in the most beautiful place in the known universe. Forget everything you think is important; money, social status, social media, material belongings. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, yeah everybody has problems, but at least reach out and ask for help, stop making a negative impact, if nobody made a negative impact, we would live in paradise, hell we already live in paradise!

Save the moving, living, breathing, arse-hole of an earth we live on, it’s going to die. You didn’t kill it, your parents and theirs before them did, that doesn’t make it not your problem, you inherited it. Fair? No. Is the world fair? No. Get used to it, step up and live, live a life worth living!

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