After a couple months of hard work…

Wow, what a learning experience! I’ve learnt so much; overflows, sumps, protein skimmers, carbon dosing, lighting, Arduino aquarium controllers, building stands. It’s been a busy couple of months.

A sump is born!

After pulling 3 small unused/cracked tanks apart (wow what a job that was) I had enough glass to build my sump. It’s 150L and looks like a dog’s breakfast but it works! I cut and polished all the glass to the right sizes and then began to mock it up, yikes this a bit of an art! Holding it all together was the hardest part but after some pointers from the people on the New Zealand reef keepers forum (who I owe much gratitude too, especially Mark) it went fairly well. I glued it up and learnt a lot more too, vinegar works wonders! After waiting a week I filled it… and it leaked, fixed that and whalla, Sump! The first section is for filter socks etc, then skimmer and reactors, then refugium, bubble trap and finally the return.

The stand

I started with the frame and just got the dimensions correct, the tank is 600mm wide (24 inches) and 1500mm long (59 inches), I used ceiling batton since my design is highly over engineered and otherwise it would just be a solid block of wood.

The frame is complete, I love woodwork it’s so satisfying.

Wrapping complete, yes it is MDF so im going to epoxy the inside and paint the inside with waterproof outdoor paint 😜.


Mocked up and glued the plumbing, the stand is finished and the tank has been test filled!

The Spaghetti junction has been implemented and glued in. The plumbing was pretty straight forward apart from accidently switching two pipes leading to the aforementioned spaghetti junction.


It is in place! Hopefully the floor doesnt die. We checked and it looks fairly sturdy being next to a supporting wall and all, at least I have a laser level which will tell me if the floor sags! Had to take the door and bed apart to get it in but its in.


Everything went according to plan, cycling has begun!

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