My blog!

Recently I’ve got involved with temperate marine aquariums, I’m a kiwi (that means I live in New Zealand), I’ve always loved planted freshwater aquariums but this was a big step up for me. I fell in love with New Zealand’s marine life while freediving and decided to find out if I could keep them in aquaria, that’s when I found mark… well it was all downhill from there (not really). Now I have set up and am currently running a small – big for me! – 540L temperate marine tank. I wanted to write a tank diary to keep track of what happens and then thought I may as well put it up on my website, so that’s what this is! Well, that was a long explanation; somewhere on the left you’ll find a menu click on the recent posts button and you should see my latest content! I’ll also occasionally make a post on something non-aquarium related.

Hopefully, I’ll manage to post either monthly or bi-weekly, if something interesting happens or I start a project related to this tank then I’ll make a post as well.