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This is where you'll find all my best work, I also have a presence on Behance, Medium and other sites such as WebFlow. If you want to use any off these templates just look me up on WebFlow and they will all be available there.

Orca Wild Adventures

Orca Wild Adventures is a tourism business located in Tauranga, New Zealand. They take tourists out on a day trip to locate, view and swim with wild dolphins. Most of their customers where attained through word of mouth, iSites/campsites and sites such as Grabone. Their online presence was lacking, they had a website but it had been poorly designed and poorly managed.
My job was to completely redesign and re-implement their website, they wanted to keep their domain and hosting service but wanted to integrate their online booking system; Bookit. We discussed SEO and they stated that the only thing the past developer had done was use AdWords, we decided to change that. Check out the full case study here.

More coming soon!