The web has evolved

so should you.

Portrait I started coding at the age of 12 and soon found that I had a knack for it, now I am a game designer/programmer/web designer. Currently I am developing a game inspired by Stick Fight: The Game, Stick Royale. This game has been in developement for over a year and recently I have completed a Demo. Previously I used to develop websites from the ground up, with skills in front and back-end systems and technologies, I am also a capable digital marketing engineer (SEO, Social Networking, AdWords), and an avid computer-generated landscape designer. Dynamic Websites I come from a web design background so the next couple of pages are about that FYI, please head to the homepage and click on the games tab for more game dev stuff. Web design has changed, it is no longer a static art. I create dynamic websites with the client in mind. Today a significant portion of web traffic is comprised of mobile devices; this means sites must be responsive. My websites will look good on any device; tablets, phones, PC's, laptops and even TV's. My speciality is tourism and artist pages; I consider web design an art form, and thus I make sure your website is perfect. Quality Web Design My websites are always built from the ground up (unless the client wants a rebuild of a previous site), I utilise genuine white hat SEO which results in real, long-term results. I strive to produce clean and easy to read code so that any developer in the future can quickly pick up the reigns and work on one of my previous websites without any fuss. Landscape Design I build terrains for clients who need an image which nature can't provide; the sky is the limit, I can quickly and efficiently produce a realistic landscape my render farm. These images can then be added to existing media to create beautiful backdrops for your products or even displayed on their own to help market your service.Portfolio Pic This is where you'll find all my best work, I also have a presence on Behance, Medium and other sites such as WebFlow. If you want to use any off these templates just look me up on WebFlow and they will all be available there. Orca Wild Adventures Orca Wild Adventures is a tourism business located in Tauranga, New Zealand. They take tourists out on a day trip to locate, view and swim with wild dolphins. Most of their customers where attained through word of mouth, iSites/campsites and sites such as Grabone. Their online presence was lacking, they had a website but it had been poorly designed and poorly managed.
My job was to completely redesign and re-implement their website, they wanted to keep their domain and hosting service but wanted to integrate their online booking system; Bookit. We discussed SEO and they stated that the only thing the past developer had done was use AdWords, we decided to change that. Check out the full case study here. More coming soon!My blog should be up and running in the near future, check back soon! Now if your convinced you want to work with me (you should be), go ahead and email me at I also have some web templates at Webflow and Creative Market, Check them out!

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